Sunday, March 13, 2016

Don't Make Excuses When You Get Dropped

Me (left) at the 2005 SEA games triathlon event
I used to race. I started when I was 12 years old with cross country races, track events, road races and later triathlon.

I still get asked by both my friends and patients if I still race. Well, for those of you wondering, not anymore. I stopped training seriously since March 2008 and am definitely in no condition to race.

I still ride my bike though even after my accident. While out riding recently, I overheard a guy telling his friend next to him why he was having a lousy ride.

That made me remember this guy who was a good athlete. We used to ride and train together sometimes. There would be times when I'd be suffering and stay in the back of the group and of course there were days when I was up the hills quickest too. This person will say "Nice climb" or "Man, you killed us on that hill!" But straight after he said those things, he would follow them up with an excuse for why he'd been dropped or was having a poor run/ ride.

It was always like that. His compliments came with an excuse for why he lost and/ or was dropped. He made it sound like the only reason he did not do well was because of sleep/ food/ muscle issues/ work issues/ family problems etc. After hearing what he said, I sometimes wondered if I was having a good training day or it was him having a particularly bad one.

Looking back, I thought it was a terrible way to make the rest of the group feel. Granted, there will be days when someone we are running or cycling with feel great and do amazing things and kick our butts. And I feel that when that happens all credit and compliments should be given with no excuses attached.

I was reminded of that yesterday when I was behind on a climb at the end of our ride. I couldn't keep up near the crest of the hill and lost ground with each pedal stroke.

I thought about it and remembered what that guy would say. And I when caught up with the person who dropped me I told him "You were great!"

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