Wednesday, February 24, 2016

After Rupturing His Patella Tendon .....

Nice leather seats ....
This is how Ronald Susilo came to our clinic after surgery to re-attach his patella tendon - his wife drove him while he sat in the back seat. Besides rupturing his patella tendon, he also tore his ACL and his meniscus.

With the Floss band
Last Saturday (20/02/16)  you saw him struggling to turn the pedals a full round while on the stationary bike. Only with the Floss band he managed to go one full round albeit with lots of shouting (in pain of course)!

On Monday (22/2/16), we went to the pool for hydrotherapy

And yesterday he saw his surgeon for a review. His surgeon told him "good progress". Little did the surgeon know he couldn't bend his knee more than 60 degrees last Saturday!

Today we got him on the Bongo board. Yes, both side to side and front and back. A board developed to challenge even professional athletes.

Check this out!
Holding on for dear life
What I'm trying to say is we didn't achieved this progress just because of the Floss band. Yes maybe the Floss band did kick start his rehab last Saturday by allowing him to turn the stationary bike pedals a full round. He began to believe in himself after that.

We did lots of other things along the way too, (I've left out the other rehab details of course, come talk to me if you wanna know). 

Use your Floss band as part of the treatment strategies you have to treat your patients. It's not a magic bullet. It's certainly not the only treatment aid/ tool you should be using.

To Jane Fong, Danny Ho, Sven Kruse and Sanctband, thank you for introducing to me the Floss band. It's definitely a tool I use in my bag of tools to treat my patients.
Ronald Susilo going down stairs


  1. Hi I have this exact injury, how is your client doing? Is he able to walk?