Sunday, March 30, 2014

What?! No Refunds .....

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Came across this article a few days ago when  Rapid Running Events, an US based events company was taken to court by the Indiana Attorney General for not returning $95,400 in entry fees collected for 5 races after the races were cancelled.

In one of the races to be held in New York on 30/6/12, more than 940 registered participants paid $65,000 to race but Rapid Running Events did not get approval to run the race (due to lack of organization and police officers schedules) and the the race was cancelled. They informed the runners 9 days before the event by email and did not offer refunds.

What came to mind when I read this was when the Adidas King Of the Road race was cancelled last year on 11/8/13 due to "unforeseen circumstances".

What was different though was that race was called off that morning itself due to a thunderstorm and the organizers made the decision so as not to compromise participants safety. You can read the Today article here.

Most events have clause written in their rules and regulations. With so many running races and sporting events now in Singapore now, hopefully we do not have event organizers who are just out to make money.

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