Friday, February 28, 2014

One Last Farewell Swim

One last swim for charity
This was the pool where I learnt how to swim in the 1970's. I've been teaching my son how to swim there too this past few years. When my wife was pregnant, she did hydrotherapy there for her low back pain and to get some exercise as well.

When I started training seriously for triathlon, this was the pool that I started training at. When I broke my head and back last year (and my previous knee surgeries) this was the the very place I came to do my rehabilitation.

So definitely on this last day that Buona Vista Pool is opening its doors for the last time I had to come and bid a very fond farewell to the pool.

In fact, I went to the pool twice today. Brought patients there for hydrotherapy this morning and later in the afternoon went with my wife and son to take some pictures and for one last swim with my son. We went earlier in the afternoon before the crowd came, hence it look really empty.

Big splash coming up
Look mama, I can swim

We'll definitely miss you dear Buona Vista Pool.

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