Friday, May 17, 2013

Running A 3:30 Marathon At 81

Well , after my recent bike accident and not being able to run or bike, and stuck at home, I was researching for articles on a group of octogenarians (or eighty something years old) super fit lifelong Nordic skiers since I can't work, I came across this link of Ed Whitlock.

Ed Whitlock is eighty-one years old (yes, you read correctly) and last October, ran the Toronto marathon in a supremely fast 3:30:26 hours, taking 16 minutes off the previous best time.

What was even more amazing was Ed ran 3:15:53 hours at the 2011 Toronto marathon, breaking his own 80 plus world record. The following month, he slipped on icy stairs outside his house and broke a rib. He ended up not being able to run for much of last year so maybe that explains why he "only" ran a 3:30 marathon.

Well , I guess the bottom line is if you're not yet 81, keep going. If you're 81, keep going. That gives me hope, so that when I get better, I will still be able to run.

So what about my article on the group of super fit eighty something year old Nordic skiers? Well, that will be my next post.

*Picture of Ed Whitlock from Runners World

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