Monday, September 3, 2012

Oscar Pistorius Beaten At Paralympics

Pistorius running in his carbon-fibre prosthetic Cheetahs 

What irony, as soon as he was beaten by Brazil's Alan Oliveira in the T44 men's 200m, Oscar Pistorius claimed he was "unfairly" beaten. 

He claims that his rivals are artificially extending the length of their legs. In fact he said this the previous day, before even losing in the final.

Well, there is a lot more to running faster than having long strides. If having long strides was all it takes to run fast, all the tall people will be the fastest men in the world. Not true as you can probably conclude.

Scientist Prof Peter Weyand has previously written that Pistorius has an enormous advantage over able bodied runners as the latter cannot move their limbs at the same rate. Pistorius is capable of achieving leg repositioning times no human ever could. So I guess now Alan Oliveira is also benefitting from it and probably exploiting it btter than Pistorius. 

* Picture from Gallo Images

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