Monday, June 11, 2012

Nadal Wins French Open 2012

Well, the pictures say it all. We can perhaps rename the French Open as the Nadal Open.

I couldn't watch the game today as the earlier start meant that I was still at work seeing patients while the match resumed after yesterday's rain delay. Fortunately, my wife recorded it for me and messaged me with updates.

I was hesitant about posting last night actually, especially after Djokovic won 8 games in a row from 0-2 down in the third set to win the set 6-2 and was leading 2-0 in the fourth set before Nadal won a game and the match was suspended again a second time with Nadal 1-2 behind in the fourth set.

I was afraid as the 2 previous times I wrote about Nadal, he lost.

After the rain delay, momentum was clearly on Djokovic's side as the soggier conditions clearly favoured him with Nadal unable to hit top spins properly as the balls became heavier due to the rain.

With his win, Nadal surpassed Bjorn Borg for the most number of French Open titles in history and tied him for the third most Grand Slam titles at 11. Only Pete Sampras and Roger Federer are ahead now with 14 and 16 titles respectively.

After losing the Australian Open to Djokovic early this year, Nadal has beaten him in their last 3 meetings. Dare I say, Wimbledon here we come.

*Pictures from AFP

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