Sunday, September 25, 2011

New World Record In Berlin Marathon 2011

Patrick Makau has broken the Emperor Haile Gebrselassie's world record in Berlin this year by 21 seconds after running 2:03:38 hrs.

 Makau made a big surge at around 27km and Geb stepped off the road briefly. To make things worse after he resume running, he soon lost touch and dropped out and lost his world record as well.

The big news is Geb DNF again, his second in two races after New York which he "retired" and came back and now more questions will be asked if he will return.

Paula Radcliffe in her comeback race after two years out finished 3rd in 2:23:46 and qualified for the London Olympics next year.

Here are the splits for the men's race.

5km-14:36 (2:03:13 pace)
10km-29:17 (2:03:34)
15km-43:51 (2:03:21)
20km-58:30 (2:03:25)
Half-marathon -61:43 (2:03:26)
35km-1:42:16 (2:03:17)
40km-1:57:15 (2:03:41)

*Photo by Getty Images

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