Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today Paper Article Quoted In Runner's World Website

Yesterday I saw the article in the "Voices" section  in page 20 of the "Today" newspaper and didn't think that much of it until I saw the same article quoted this morning in the Runners World website.

A cyclist (not a local Singaporean but an expatriate who formerly lived in Holland) was riding home from work on the bike section along Bedok canal was punched in the face by a jogger running in the designated cycling section. The cyclist was writing in to share his experience after a previous writer wrote in about another "road rage" incident regarding a cyclist.

Personally, I get fairly upset when any cyclist coming up behind me rings the bell when I'm walking along any pedestrian walkway. Pedestrians have the right of way in any pedestrian walkway. I usually don't give way unless the cyclist ask politely.

Now while I ride to work daily, I am always riding on the road and I never go on to any pedestrian foot paths. If I have to ride on any pedestrian walkway for whatever reason, I always give way to the pedestrians, but that's me.

Have a look at the Runner's world article here http://rwdaily.runnersworld.com/2011/06/note-to-self-avoid-the-bedok-canal-bike-path-wherever-that-is.html.

*Picture from Runner's World

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