Sunday, August 22, 2010

Runners Toes Not Harmed By Running

Yet more evidence that distance running in humans is an activity that is natural and well-evolved that we perform with great skill.

In their published article, British radiologists were interested to determine if running is harmful to our metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints. 

Here is what they found. There is no extra synovial fluid (this is the fluid in our joints) in the MTP joints showing that running is not injurious to our joints. The MTP joints are at the base of our toes.

Measurements of the volume of synovial fluid in the MTP joints were taken after a 30 minute run and after 24 hours of rest. And the researchers found no association between moderate distance running and any increases in the volume of synovial fluid.


Kingston AR, Toms AP et al (2008). Does Running Cause Metatarsophalangeal Joint Effusions? A Comparison of Synovial Fluid Volumes On MRI In Athletes Before And After Running. Skeletal Radiology. 38(5): 499-504.

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