Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sports Solutions & Kinesio Taping In Today's Straits Times

Team OCBC rider Ang Kee Meng 
Lance Armstrong, David Beckham, Serena Williams and our national athletes have used it before. Lance even talked about it in his book "Every Second Counts".You can probably use it too. And you don't even have to be an athlete. 85% of Kinesio tape users are non athletes. It can also be used in pediatric patients (e.g. cerebral palsy, torticollis etc), patients with neurological conditions like Parkinson's and patients with bruising and swelling.

Have a look at the Sports section in the Straits Times today (270310) and you'll read more about Kinesio Taping.

Some of our staff have been using it since 1999. Of course we do not use the tape for everything, we will still find the cause of your pain and treat it (rather than just treating your pain). And if our patients require Kinesio taping, we will use it at no extra charge.

We also teach Kinesio taping courses, let us know if you are keen.

*Lance Armstrong, David Beckham & Serena Williams photos from
*Cycleworx rider Ang Kee Meng taken by Jeanette Wang


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