Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's Go Green This New Year

Cycling is among the most environmentally friendly activity out there. If you ride your bike to work, you contribute to the green movement that is steadily growing.

By riding your bike to work, you will get more benefits than your employer will offer. You lose weight, save money, help the environment, feel less stress and happier and also get fitter in the process. The fitter and faster you get, the more fun you have. Better still, after a while what feels easy to you feels hard to people who don't ride that often.

Besides the numerous physical benefits, you get to feel the sheer joy of feeling the wind in your face - well this is what I call the poor man's version of driving a convertible.

Choose the safest route not necessarily the shortest. Get a bike that fits and suits you. You don't need the latest, most colorful or expensive bike.

We may have a long while to wait (or never) before we get bike lanes in Singapore, or even just having parking stations on the side walk would be a good start.

Until we do, ride safe and see you on the roads.

*Picture above - My colleague does this sometimes (if he doesn't ride from home to the clinic on his road bike), he rides his foldable bike from his home to the MRT, wheels it on the MRT, gets off and rides to the clinic. Surely almost everyone can start like this.

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