Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Of Your Race

Alright folks, here's the final post on the marathon preparation.

Try to eat a decent breakfast and give yourself 2-3 hours to digest it. It's real early I know, but you're gonna need it.

This is personal but I find that if I find a quiet spot before the race and just spend 5 minutes reviewing my race plan and visualize the race it helps me focus and be calm.

Remember my post on the fact you do not need a long warm up in the heat. Well, it's still pretty humid though cooler at this time of the year and you've got a long way to run so you don't have to have a lengthy warm up. Watch the elites, even they don't really warm up a lot, they too will be saving their energy for later in the race.

Start slow (about 6-10 secs slower than your goal pace) so you can preserve some of your glycogen stores for later and finish finish strong

Sometimes it helps to think of each 5km as a lap to break down the distance into more manageable bits. That way you don't have to stress about the number of kilometres. Or you can sing songs in your head to make the distance go by quicker.

Drink early and often (but don't over drink). Here's when all the practice of taking nutrition on the run will pay off.

He (or she) who strives will succeed. When the going gets tough, there is light at the end of the tunnel if you keep your hopes up.

All the best for your race.

*Picture of Singapore Flyer taken before the race.

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