Sunday, November 15, 2009

3 Weeks To Go

Yes, for those of you running in the Standard Chartered Singapore marathon on 6/12/09. This is probably the most critical phase of your training. Most of you would have done your last long run 3 or 4 weeks out, so if you haven't don't try to cram it in. Doing more than you are used to will hurt rather than help your race (especially so if you are attempting the full 42km).

Select the shoes, socks and race clothes that you'll wear for your race. Try them out a few times before the race to ensure that you do not get any chafing or blisters.

Even if you are feeling great, resist the urge to increase your training. Draw strength from the hard work you have put in and have confidence in what you have been doing.

If possible, start doing some of your runs on the race route. Get used to the pancake flatness (well most of it anyway). The lack of variation in a flat course means you will be using the same old muscles the whole race and you need to get ready for this.

Practice drinking with the sports drinks and energy gels you intend to refuel with during your race. For those with finicky tummys, you should be using the same sports drink that will be available on the race course.

Stay tuned as we share more tips for running your best marathon in our next post.

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