Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 More Weeks

You're down to the last 2 weeks before your marathon. Go with what you know. Meaning even if your best buddy or a well meaning colleague shows up dispensing advice, don't try aything radical. Especially in the last week leading up to your goal race. Stick to your own training plans and what you've been practicing.

Be at ease doing what you've been used to rather than trying something new and then worrying how it will affect you.

If possible, run at the same time as the start of your marathon. Yes, that's a real early start for most of you. Well, the good thing is your body's rhythm-including your all important bathroom routine will be in sync once race day arrives.

The more times you can do this the better, try at least the last 3 days before your race. Back when I was still racing, my swim training starts at 5.30am. In order to be early, I had to get up at 4.30am, leave my place by 4.50am and ride my bike there. The good thing is that none of the early starts at most races fazes me since I was already up even earlier than most races. You can do it! You just need some practice.

Remember to start tapering. You can tone down to 70% of what you've been doing this week and probably 40-50% of your regular mileage in the last week leading up to your race. Run a dress rehearsal of not more than 12km in your race outfit and shoes at your race pace. Do a similar run in the last week but only up to 5 km. Picture yourself out on the course (if you can't get on the course) running strong and relaxed. This run will help you lock in your race pace and let you get some decent effort in.

Before you go to bed each night, visualize yourself running smooth and strong and crossing the finishing line showing a new personal best time.

Til my next post, take care and rest well.

*Picture from Flickr by Brian Gudas Photography

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