Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Should You Be Training Like The Caveman

More on our caveman folks. Alright, before you carry on reading, I must say that this particular post has got no research or scientific backings. They are just what I feel personally. Now that you know, I will let you know a foolproof way to achieve running success. In short, to enable you to run faster and stronger.

The secret - run as hard as fast as long as it seems right. I guess I can call it a back to basics sort of training, sort of like the caveman.

If the caveman had a training program it would probably have just 2 words - run hard. Or else no dinner. Worse if the caveman was running away from say a fierce lion, the outcome would be disastrous if he wasn't quick enough.

In an age where there are so many gadgets and recommendations to help with our training like GPS, heart rate monitors, mileage advice (how many miles you should log a week), supposedly better running shoe technology, fuel belts, lactate and V02 testing etc. You can even run against your friends, track their training etc with the Nike+ devices (I've never tried it tho').

I am sure that in the era of the caveman, he definitely didn't have all these gadgets and our caveman had no trouble covering more than 10 miles a day tracking down their dinner.

My uncle was the person that got me started on running. I remember when I was just a 10 year old kid my uncle Simon used to bring me running with him. I didn't know what pace or distances we ran. I just tried my best to follow him, to keep up with my uncle. Definitely didn't know what sort of times we clocked on our runs. Later in secondary school (high school for our American readers) when I began running longer, further and faster I still "just ran" even when I started winning track and cross country races.

Now we have running experts, coaches and exercise physiologists saying we should train at this particular pace, run intervals, and long runs etc.

Well, here is the good news. Running can be as simple or as complicated as we make it. You want the graphs, charts, bells and whistles, etc go ahead and use all the available technology. Want to go the old school, stripped-down, and bare bones version? Just run.

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  1. "The secret - run as hard as fast as long as it seems right." Sounds like freaky commando training, and getting all the pains now at a young age.