Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Strength Training Makes You Eat Less

Alright folks, latest update on my post last friday regarding Time magazine's article on The Myth About Exercise.

Remember that the writer claimed that you tend to be hungry and eat more after you exercise and hence, exercise is not effective in promoting weight loss.

Well, the latest research show that a strength training workout (or weight training session) does not increase your calorie consumption after your workout. If you include the calories burned while exercising, the exercise session actually results in a lower net calorie consumption.

So all you personal trainers reading this can now tell this to your patients/clients to reassure them.


Ballard, TP et al (2009). Effect of Resistance Exercise, With or Without Carbohydrate Supplementation, on Plasma Ghrelin Concentrations and Post exercise Hunger and Food Intake. Metabolism. Aug 58(8): 1191-1199.

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