Sunday, January 4, 2009

Running in New Direction Can Prevent Injuries

Did I get your attention? If you have been injured this past year and have started running again recently, or you're just hoping to remain healthy and to run pain free, read on. Change 1 thing. It definitely looks odd, but running backwards will help you build stronger, more balanced leg muscles. It also provides a provides a more demanding workout than going forwards since more muscles are used. Forward running works your hamstrings mostly while your quadriceps work mainly to cushion the impact of your foot hitting the ground. When you run backwards, you maximize strength in your quadriceps since they work harder to push you backwards while your hamstrings do the reverse and cushion the impact of your foot striking the ground. Here's how to include them at the end of your runs. Find a flat and traffic free area. Start out slowly, run backwards for about 50 metres. Walk back and repeat. When you can do 10 comfortably, increase the distance to 100m. Once you become good at this, try running up a gentle slope backwards. Change one thing, to run better. (Photo courtesy of

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