Sunday, February 5, 2017

Under Armour Speedform Slingshot Review

UA Speedform Slingshot
I received a pair of Under Armour Speedform Slingshot last October. A few readers have actually asked me about how the shoe feels. So it's about time I wrote about it!

Some trivia about the shoes. The shoes were produced in the same factory that produces sports bras! One of the special features of the Speedform Slingshot is its seamless heel cup, designed to have a sock like fit that hugs the foot. In fact the entire upper of the shoe is one continuous piece of material with a split over the laces forming the "tongue" part of a traditional running shoe.

Traditional running shoes uses a few parts for the heel portion, creating a gap between the shoe and the runner's heel. Why am I harping on the heel portion?

Ironically this was the bit that my R foot had a little problem with though it's not because of the technology or the shoe. My right foot is slightly smaller than my left. So while the left shoe fitted me really well, the right side was a little bit loose. So my foot was sliding forwards and back a little too much for my liking while I was running. So the problem was me, no fault of the shoe's. I easily fixed the problem running a thicker pair of anti slip socks (see picture below).

The midsole is made from two types of foam that encloses a Y-shaped plate in the midsole that flexes and springs back with each stride (the “slingshot” of the shoe’s name). 

On my first run with the shoe, it felt as though the shoe needs to be "broken in". The shoe felt very stiff and unresponsive. I remember thinking to myself that it was a pity as while trying the shoe and walking around with it the shoe felt fine.

Fortunately I don't write shoe reviews just based on a single run. Also for all the things I'm reviewing, I request that I be allowed to write what I want and not write a glowing review just because I got the shoe free. Otherwise I will not do the review.

From my second run with the shoe onwards the shoe felt smooth, fast feeling and lightweight like it is. Strange that the shoe seems to need "breaking in" as most shoes now don't need to. Other than that I had no other complaints.

Thanks to Marie and Wilfred once again.


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