Sunday, August 23, 2020

How Are Restaurants And Physiotherapy Clinics Similar?

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The inspiration for this weeks post came from a few unlikely sources. First was a patient telling me yesterday of how a friend on Facebook shared that a physiotherapy practice was in the red and that they needed patients to ensure the practice's survival. So if anyone needed physiotherapy to please go support that particular clinic.

Then in today's Sunday Times article, the author wrote about diners who make and confirmed bookings at restaurants but do not show up. A restaurant founder (of six restaurants/ nightspots) who was interviewed said that irresponsible behavior by diners have always existed and is now becoming social norm. To quote her, "diners feel more entitled now by the fact that the restaurants need them more than they need us".

That we definitely understand. We have our fair share of patients who make appointments and after confirming, and reminders by our staff, fail to turn up.

Some jobs need us to show up in person. For the time being, restaurant staff, surgeons and physiotherapists are definitely in that category. With artificial intelligence and robot controlled arms who knows how long our jobs as physiotherapists are safe .....

Many other jobs or services are currently done with a combination of asynchronous work, video calls and others. A big thank you to all our patients who still despite a long and/ or a risky commute, come to see us.

We will strive to be totally switched on 100% and do our best all the time when treating you.
This is our promise.

*Keeping rogue diners in check. This Sunday Times article is on page C17 under the Life section today.

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