Sunday, April 30, 2017

Retired Pharmacist Comes To Kinesio Taping Course

I forgot to mention yesterday that we have Mrs Chong, who's a grandmother (and trained pharmacist) at 73 years young attending the course with her daughter Alyce.
Mrs Chong in action
Mrs Chong's granddaughter (and Alyce's daughter) competes in gymnastics and equestrian and both of them decided to come and attend the course together (to bond) and to be able to tape competently for their granddaughter and daughter respectively. Now that's real love.

By the way, Mrs Chong also paints, takes many other classes and still takes exams to keep her pharmacist license.

I really respect Mrs Chong's attitude. Note to self - never stop learning.

Back to the course and the day started with some questions on whether participants left their tape on overnight (and many did) and what they felt. None reported any adverse reactions

We continued Day 2 of the course learning all about the six different corrective techniques in Kinesio Taping. Mechanical correction, fascia correction, space correction etc.

A few of the participants brought along different brands of tape to try and none (according to the participants) matched the high standards of the Kinesio FP tape.

Check out the "Heroll" tape

Here are some pictures from the course.

Theresa and her amazing technicolor dream tapes
Both the netball coaches admiring a Team Singapore attire?
Group picture of the participants

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