Saturday, April 29, 2017

Explaining About The Homunculus At The Kinesio Taping Course

Sports Solutions hosted the Kinesio Taping Level 1-2 course today and no surprises, the course was fully subscribed.

It was bright sunshine after the early morning storm and the day started with explaining the science and rationale behind how Kinesio Taping works.

After my own learning journey from the Anatomy Train courses, lessons from Andrew Hutton, Flossband (with Sven Kruse) and David Butler, I can definitely explain and teach the course better. Well, I'd better because I had to explain what the homunculus was to the class.

Teaching the homunculus
Of course we spent some time going through anatomy and surface landmarks.

Palpating for C1 after finding the mastoid process
Finally after all the talking, it was time to tape.

All eyes and ears
Stay tuned for Level 2 tomorrow.

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