Sunday, May 3, 2015

Along Came Enervit .....

My stash from Enervit
What a nice and unexpected coincidence. Just when I wrote 2 weeks ago that I preferred real food options to gels, along came Enervit to give me some of their samples to try. Probably to prove me wrong about how they taste too.

Owned and made in Italy (the owner has a pharmaceutical background), Enervit is famous for its Sports supplements and nutrition.

I've got Enervit Pre Sport jelly, GT Sport tablets (energy tablet with vitamins), G Sport Competition (the name's funky, but it's for drinking during training/ racing and not what you think) and Enervitene Sport Competition gels (contains caffeine for use during training and competition). 

Hey, I don't race anymore. Well, I guess they'll come in handy on my weekly long rides then. Please look at Enervit's Facebook page for more information

Speaking of riding, I just got a brand new pair of Specialized S-Works road cycling shoe to try too. Nice, very nice. 
S-Works Road
A big thank you to Enervit and Specialized.

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