Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Kinesio Tapes (Kinesio Tex Gold FP)

new Kinesio FP Gold tape in white
In case you are wondering, the white Kinesio tape on my patient's knee is not a copy cat tape. Wait a minute you say, the original Kinesio Tex tapes only comes in beige, blue, red (pink) and black, not white. Well, this is the latest Kinesio FP (or fingerprint) Gold tape. It comes in all the above colours and also in white, the latest addition to the previous colours.

I first received my samples to test last December 2012 and here are my thoughts based on my patient's who's tried the new tapes.

The Kinesio Gold (FP) tape is much lighter and thinner and adhesive were noticeably improved and enhanced. Patients that previously were allergic or had skin sensitivity with Kinesio Tex (Classic) were able to use the new Kinesio Tex Gold (FP) without need to prepare the skin and/or for a longer period of time (up to 3 days) without similar issues of past tape application. Removal of tape is also easier. 

Best of all, all taping results were as good as before if not better.

Kinesio FP Gold on the left vs Classic
More specifics on the new tapes in another post later. Here's a look at the new tapes again.


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