Sunday, March 26, 2017

Anatomy Trains Course

The three amigos 
Aized and Sham did the Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy course two weeks ago, while Reggie, Ting Jun (TJ) and I attended the Anatomy Trains workshop this weekend.

TJ has been at the course for the past four days and since Reggie and I did the first two days last year, we came only for the third and fourth day this year.

It was good to have done a little last year and then review some the concepts while adding on to it this time around.

Here are some pictures from the course.

More theory

TJ has the best view for this practical
At the end of the course the presenter was saying "if all of you go in to see and patients tomorrow and wonder what you need to do then I've done my job. "

He was challenging us to look at and treat our patients with a whole new perspective instead of trying to treat our patients the same way we've done.

This has been a most interesting and stimulating course. It ties in nicely with many of the things we already do with fascia while treating our patients.

Well, I'll share what I've learnt with the rest of our team and we'll all be looking to treat our patients and make them better quicker.

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