Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why My Wife Insists On Raw Organic Cocoa Powder

Most mornings I heat some water, heap some oatmeal into the warm water and add a banana or whatever fruit I find in our fridge and my breakfast is ready. (Sometimes I cheat a little by adding honey or my son's Kellogg's Nutri Grain or as he says his Ironman food to satisfy my sweet tooth).

Recently my wife has been making breakfast for me too. Yes, oatmeal done her way. After eating it, I asked her why hers tastes so much nicer even after I tried to copy her way of making it. She said hers is made with love!! Gotta love my wife.

Oatmeal done my wife's way
Check out her ingredients
One for her, one for me

Now I know why my wife always insists on using raw organic unsweetened cocoa powder in the organic oatmeal she prepares for me for breakfast. Recent published evidence shows that dark chocolate is good for the heart  as certain bacteria in our stomach reacts with cocoa into anti-inflammatory compounds beneficial for the heart.

The raw organic cocoa powder she uses
Well, I definitely prefer her oatmeal than the green juice she makes for me.

*Please see this for more on why dark chocolate is good for the heart.

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