Sunday, December 8, 2013

Treat Your Chronic Neck Pain

Women keep saying that we men don't get it, well that's quite true in some cases. We've written before on why women get neck pain (take a look at the video too).

A sustained forward flexion (or poke chin) posture is associated with increased cervical (neck) compressive loading and creep response (or deformation) in the connective tissue.

Here's more evidence from Australian researchers that people with chronic neck pain demonstrated a reduced ability to keep an upright posture when distracted. This means you may start sitting in your office chair with a good posture but your posture deteriorates when you get distracted (e.g. when your boss calls you or when your workload piles up).

58 female subjects with greater than 3 months on chronic neck pain (and 10 control subjects with no pain) participated in the study. Changes in the participants' cervical and thoracic (neck and upper back) posture were measured every 2 minutes during a 10 minute computer task.They were then split in two different exercise groups.

One group received training of the cranio-cervical flexor muscles - picture below (CCF, for which renowned neck researcher Gwen Jull is known for) while the other group received endurance-strength training of the superficial cervical flexor muscles.
Longus Colli and longus Capitis (from Wikipedia)
The researchers showed that after an exercise program targeted at training the deep neck flexors (CCF), people with chronic neck pain demonstrated an improved ability to maintain a neutral neck posture with prolonged sitting.

So here's why you should come to either of our clinics if you have neck pain. Aized has trained under Gwen Jull and she can definitely help you with your neck pain.


Falla, D Jull G et al (2007). Effect Of Neck Exercise On Sitting Posture In Patients With Chronic Neck Pain. Physical Therapy 87(4) : pg 408-417.

* Thanks to Ming and Dew for helping me get the article.

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