Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Came For Hydrotherapy Today?

Who's that jumping?
I've been going to the pool fairly regularly (especially since that's the safest exercise/ rehabilitation I can do after my bike accident and often alone too.

Occasionally I get Ronald Susilo (former Olympian, Sportsman of the Year) joining me. Recently he was actually planning to play in the current ongoing Li Ning Singapore Super Series Badminton Open and he requested joining me at hydrotherapy to do some conditioning. (Alas, he did not get his chance, but that's a different story).

Now, Ronald and I go back a long way, I've been treating Ronald since the late 1990's, way before he became a household name in badminton. We've done hydrotherapy previously while he and the rest of the Singapore Badminton team were preparing for the Olympics.

And, surprise surprise, he showed up with 2 of his young charges today at the pool for some conditioning with him, with me taking charge - just like the old days.
Ronald taking a rest
Now, it was with dismay that I read in the papers today that all 3 of our male local shuttlers were knocked in the qualifiers yesterday and so Singapore will not have any representation in the main draw of the Men Singles today.

So hopefully, with today's session and more, Ronald's young players will do well enough to do us proud at subsequent Singapore Open's and more.

All the best at the tournament, Team Singapore.

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