Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kinesio Taping In KL 251112

Day 2 means learning different corrective techniques for Kinesio Taping. Participants get to learn ligament / tendon corrective techniques, spring assist corrective techniques, space correction etc.

One of the current participants mentioned that he attended a Rock tape (which is a copy cat/ imitation tape) course previously and the content was nothing like what he has learnt the past 2 days. Something for you to think about if you are considering participating in a taping course.

I've done courses in different parts of the world and here in Malaysia, the women while practising usually go into a separate room/ area to be respectful of the culture/ norms etc.

Until they realized I needed to be inside to guide them as they were getting some of the techniques wrong which is how I managed to take some pictures (with their permission of course).

As time went on, they were more comfortable practising outside with the other participants.

Now, here's a mighty big Ram's head for fasical correction.

And here's a smiley face in the donut hole correction.

Staff from Medi Lifesports (Malaysian distributor for Kinesio Tapes) and their interpretation of the different Kinesio taping corrective techniques.

Here's a close up
Here's a picture of the class.

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