Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Podiatrist's View On Running Shoe Selection

Ever wondered what an evidence-based Sports Podiatrist's views are on choosing your next running shoes? This is what Ian Griffins on Ransacker.com wrote.

Mr Griffins did an excellent job on saying what many current heath professionals are still doing now with regards to running shoe selection is flawed. He also discusses how the method of assessing your foot type by your wet foot print came about (and why the wet foot test is "nonsense" to quote him), why controlling pronation  is a poor way of choosing a shoe, why aligning runners to the same neutral position makes no sense.

Please have a look if you want to read his post.

I've written on running shoes before, have a look here and here.

* Photo Ian Griffins's webpage


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    1. Hi Angela,

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