Friday, July 3, 2009

Oakley Jawbone

Yes this is the latest Oakley sunglasses to reach our shores. I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to try them out before they are released officially in Singapore.

You may wonder why Oakley's latest release is named Jawbone but once you have a pair in your hands you'll understand why. This is due to its new, unique way of enabling the user to change lenses.

Unlike most other Oakley models which require you to first "yank" the lens out before snapping in another. For the Jawbone, you just flip out the hinged nose piece, open the lower "jaw", remove the lens and it's done. Real simple and no less secure. I may have mastered changing lenses for my Pro M and Radar models, but I always had trouble changing lenses with the Flak Jacket and Half Jacket models, just ask the staff at Oakley Singapore, they'll be able to confirm this.

So how do it go? Well, here's the verdict. The ear stem is slightly shorter than the Radar model, but still maintained a good grip around the head. This also means it will not get in the way of your helmet straps while riding. The vented lenses were great due to it's hydrophobic coating which true to its word prevented fingerprints, sweat, road grime and water from leaving marks or streaks behind which can hinder vision.

This particular color was a little loud for me, but other than that I have no complaints whatsoever especially with its superb lens clarity.


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