Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rachel Plays Her Part Helping VJC Win 5th Straight Football Title

On Sunday night (7/5/17), my colleague Rachel asked me if she could leave work early on Tuesday 10/5/17. She wanted to watched her alma mater play in the 'A' division girls football final against Meridian Junior College.

Rachel was top scorer before in her time at Victoria Junior College (VJC) when she herself represented VJC. As I wrote previously, she scored a hat trick when VJC beat my alma mater's team 10-1 in the semi finals of the same tournament eight years ago.

When I introduced her to a physical education teacher from the losing school, he immediately remembered the trashing our school received and he was in awe of her. Still famous as ever eight years on. Well done Rachel!

Of course she could go! She had been volunteering her time (with the clinic's blessings) most Wednesday's afternoons at VJC since the beginning of the year.

On days before a match, if you come to our Holland Village clinic you might be lulled into thinking VJC was near our  clinic (and not in Marine Parade) or that our clinic was a mini VJC gathering place.

Definitely businesses near our clinic like Sunday Folks and The Daily Scoop have benefited when the students come for treatment as they go there after treatment.

So congratulations to VJC for the fifth consecutive football title and Rachel Wong for a job well done!
Rachel with the victorious team.
Note: Rachel also treats students competing in other sports and not just the girls from football. So perhaps next year we'll see more VJC students in our clinic this time of the year?

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